What To Do At Chicken Pox

The first what is necessary to undertake to apply to the doctor. In case if the state is rather severe, with the expressed dermal rashes, hospitalization may be necessary, especially at an acute reaction of nervous system: the head ache and pain in feet, difficulties with respiration.

It is very important to drink much of liquids during illness. The feverish state with the increased temperature may be stopped with paracetamol, it well reduces fever. Never use acetylsalicylic acid for temperature drop.

If there are ulcers in a mouth it is necessary to start keeping a sparing diet, not to use spicy, sour, salty and very hot food.

In case if in places of a rash abscesses start being formed it is necessary to start applying antibacterial ointment, previously having consulted with the doctor. It is necessary to apply to the doctor also in case if temperature continues to keep above 38°C more than four days.

During the disease of children it isn’t obligatory to stay in a bed all the time. But it is worth watching that they do not be too active. As soon as temperature drops and pockmarks start drying up, they may be walked over.

It isn’t recommended to tear off crusts from the beginning to heal rashes. It may cause a bactericidal infection which is followed by purulent inflammations and intensify the itch. It will be correctly to cut patient’s fingernails short and to watch the arms to be washed, as often as possible as it will prevent the infection penetration under a skin.

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