What Is Necessary To Be Protected From Chicken Pox

Almost no prophylaxis measures related to chicken pox are applied. Chicken pox is the illness from which the protection does not exist, and the only thing that is to be done at detection of the infection is to isolate urgently the diseased and all those who contacted closely to the patient within  three last weeks.

Moreover doctors are sure what better to have chicken pox at early age when symptoms of the disease proceed very easily and do not give any complications but not being adult or during pregnancy.

The chicken pox vaccination even has not been included into a calendar of top-priority vaccinations as its application is not considered necessary.

The risk of repeated infection is quite possible, but it happens very seldom and only if the person has serious deviations in work of immune system. Having penetrated into a human body the virus remains there forever. It settles at the nerve endings and as soon as there are favorable conditions connected to abrupt decrease in immunity (oncologic diseases, chemical and radial therapies, etc.), it is capable to show itself.

The recurrent chicken pox may cause herpes of belting type or it has name shingles. Illness is very difficult with very severe pains, emergence of the localized rashes which are formed along the nervous fibers. This disease is capable to develop into a chronic form with relapsing effect.

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