Chicken Pox Virus As Infection Source

Today chicken pox is a very widespread disease and in spite of scary word “pox” in the name of this infection you should not be afraid: the disease is not dangerous, but very unpleasant, with rashes, itch and possible fever.  People gave to varicella the name “chicken pox” as it is transmitted as if it carried by a wind. The infection is easily transmitted in the air, and it is the main way of its spreading.

In contrast to a virus of flu it is easily possible to find out a source of infection with chicken pox as in child-care facilities all staff usually fells ill. The chicken pox virus easily penetrates into a new victim promptly spreading in badly aired rooms, so it is possible to catch the infection from the companion on games and from the neighbor.

Also the adult who endures a recurrent chicken pox may infect children though he has no visible symptoms but suffers from rashes (shingles). The causative agent of chicken pox after penetration into a human body stays to live there in a spinal cord, in “the sleeping state”. The misbalance in health leading to decrease in immunity may “wake up” the virus. Its coming back is able to cause an excruciating disease.

Diseased adults also infect not protected babies to whom mother will not allow any child with symptoms of chicken pox to approach to the baby but the adult with herpes she always allows as in most cases she does not know the nature of this disease.

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