Tussis At Chicken Pox

Mothers fix tussis in child from the first days of the disease. Of course it is not a classical symptom of chicken pox, but its essence is that the organism tries to tear away the infection; however, it occurs only at the initial stage.

Then tussis in the child may arise only in the following cases:

• In the throat, mouth and on the trachea the eruption which provokes tussis has formed. Such tussis is caused with irritated mucosa which discharges large quantity of sputum. As soon as rashes on top respiratory organs mucosa become inactive the tussis will pass itself.

• Chicken pox can give complication in the form of a bacterial infection and pneumonia may be the next reason of tussis. Pneumonia is characterized by hacking and dry cough after which relief does not come. Later on dry cough changes on more productive with plentiful purulent discharges. Such situation is very dangerous, requires the immediate qualified examination by the doctor, analyses and urgent hospitalization. At such symptoms there should be no delay. Parents have to act very promptly.

Till the doctor has not arrived yet the only thing that parents may undertake is to give the child to drink large quantity of various liquids. Water will help to dilute the sputum. Air in the patient’s room should be fresh and wetted. Drugs are forbidden to be applied without doctor’s prescription. Wrong application of drugs may cause symptoms aggravation.

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