Traditional Medicine For Chicken Pox Treatment

To reduce symptoms of dermal itch it is necessary to place the patient with chicken pox every four hours into warm bath where to dissolve ½ glasses of culinary soda. Such bathtubs are able to alleviate the patient’s state. The same effect oat-flakes make. For this purpose grain is put into sock and dip into the bathtub. Also well help bergamot (the 10th cap.) and olives oils. It is possible to use them for wiping and bathtubs. Mixture dries well the eruption. Boiled barley also has antipruritic effect (1 kg of barley per 5 liters of water). Broth is filtered and the patient is wiped with it. For wiping of the patient it is also possible to use broth from calendula, 60 g of herb is crushed and brewed in liter of water. Broth is poured into the bath twice a day in the morning and in the evening, after bathing the skin of the patient is not wiped. The same broth can be done of a celandine in the same proportions. One more way: it is necessary to mix water, Acetum and vodka (2:1:1). With this mixture to wipe the body not less than three times a day.

At itch in a mouth it is necessary to prepare a sage (20gr. herbs per 400 g of boiled water) to brew 30 minutes, to filter and the received infusion use for gargle the mouth. It is also possible to use a saline solution or to take an ice slice in a mouth.

To relief state of children lemon juice with honey is applied (it is mixed in equal proportions), a medicinal dose is one teaspoon in the morning, during the lunchtime and in the evening. Also warm medicinal infusion from following herbs will make a good effect: chamomile, calendula flowers, Melissa leaves and basil. Prepare infusion like this: one tea spoon of mixture fill up with boiling water and draw a quarter of hour, then filter.

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