Symptoms Of Chicken Pox

Chicken pox virus incubation interval duration is one-three days, Children have following symptoms: general malaise, nervousness, head ache, notable loss of appetite and tearfulness. Adults endure this period a little differently: they have increased temperature, weakness, and head ache. They feel slightly nauseous with transition to vomiting.

At the next stage on a skin and mucosa surfaces rashes start appearing. Level of body intoxication increases being shown by temperature increase, and adults have much brighter intoxication lasting much longer. At first the skin is covered by fine reddish specks which later on get a convex form, turning into blisters which contain transparent substance. The eruption extends without any system, but most of all it accumulates on a neck, thorax, face and stomach.

Two days later blisters dry forming crusts. There are cases when during this process abscesses and cicatrix are formed. After peeling of crusts a deeper lesion of epidermis is possible. It occurs in adults more often because blisters regenerate in abscesses. The eruption keeps much longer, and its spreading is wider and more plentiful.

After maculae and blisters have arisen, children and adults feel a strong itch. Especially intolerable it is on mucosa surfaces. Chicken pox lasts about a week. Usually the disease passes without any consequences.

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