Skin Itch Reasons At Chicken Pox

Skin itch at chicken pox arises because of epidermis and mucosa surfaces lesion by the virus. Rashes are capable to capture larger sites of a skin, at that, larynxes, eyes, genitals, mouth mucosa are subjected to a lesion.

Two days before emergence of rashes of the infected starts to be disturbed with headache and elevated temperature. It is necessary to notice that intensity of symptoms of chicken pox is in direct dependence on a condition of immunity, nervous system and predisposition to allergy.

At emergence of the first rushes it is necessary to take measures for prevention of scratching of affected areas on the body. For this purpose it is necessary to cut shortly fingernails and to watch carefully cleanliness of arms. If to do it it is possible to avoid emergence of abscesses in places having been scratched.

Most often waves of rashes stop on the third – the seventh day. By that time passes also feeling of an itch. Many patients extremely hard sustain the skin itch, especially it concerns little children though today the medicine doesn’t stand still and offers enough medicines for depression of its intensity.

You shouldn’t buy medicines without prescription. Let your doctor prescribe those drugs which suit your child; he also will define a dosage. Antihistamine drugs are produced in the form of ointments, gels, tablets, etc.; their action will help to remove unpleasant symptoms and will significantly reduce convalescence time.

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