Chicken Pox Is Severe Illness For Adults

If you don’t remember whether you had chicken pox in the childhood ask your parents and if it becomes clear that you have not do vaccination. The special importance of it appears if you have a little baby who visits kindergarten where it is possible to catch the disease and to bring it home.

Chicken pox can be classified as “child” illness not because adults do not fell ill with it but because it has had generally in childhood. Chicken pox not in vain has its name. Illness received it because of an extraordinary volatility – ability to be transferred freely by air, infecting all who has not fell ill yet.

Disease symptoms in adult are presented very acutely but in the child this illness may not cause any side effects. The first symptoms of chicken pox are the rashes having an accurate round shape. Together with eruption there is temperature to 40°C. At this time the organism endures rigid intoxication which may be presented by vomiting and reaction to light and loud sounds. Independently of illness duration each new wave of rashes will cause an aggravation of symptoms. Most of patients feel headache and weakness.

The diseased child is able to jump and run easily as chicken pox in children seldom happens even in moderate form. But the adult has no strength to cope with it. Illness seldom proceeds in light form. Chicken pox is able to cause severe complications in adults such as: dermal suppurations, nephritis, myocarditis, pneumonia, arthritis, encephalitis, etc.

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