Scientists Found Out: Sun Is Useful At Chicken Pox

The British scientists advanced a sensational idea according to which usual suntan is capable to stop chicken pox and if to be absolutely exact these are ultraviolet rays. Repeated researches showed that chicken pox badly spreads in regions where it is more than enough ultra-violet radiation,; the ultraviolet there obviously slows down action of chicken pox. Scientists consider that ultraviolet rays are the only explanation for why residents of the countries located in a tropical zone are least of all subjected to chicken pox. It is noticed that the small outbreaks of this disease appear in winter time when the “interruptions” in sunlight begin.

During their research scientists made the analysis of the previous 25 scientific works which were devoted to transmission of chicken pox in the different countries and influence of climate of these countries on mass character of people infection with chicken pox. Earlier nobody on the earth connected together the diffusion of chicken pox virus epidemic to intensity of sunshine; but having made such experiments scientists very precisely could confirm this interrelation.

Some scientists couldn’t agree with idea of dependence of chicken pox virus diffusion and ultra-violet radiation. Some of them are still sure that the virus is influenced by much more factors than just sunshine. With what they agree is that the ultraviolet is capable to suspend the virus but not to destroy it completely.

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