Reasons of developing of chicken pox

Varicella is caused by the virus relating to a branch of herpes viruses, to chicken pox, and therefore the majority of people (70-90%) have this illness in the childhood.

The child catches chicken pox very easy, it is promoted by collective institutions (gardens and schools). The distributor of the virus is the infected person. Its transmissibility rises up to a maximum at the remained ten days of incubation period and within the first week from the moment of the first skin rashes appearance. After illness recedes immunity starts being formed to chicken pox, and remains resistant until the end of life in the person.

However, there are also cases of repeated infection of people. The virus of chicken pox may doze for a long time, but at some moment easily be activated. Stresses or overwork may be the reason of such behavior of “sleeping” virus. Illness can proceed in very severe form; at a repeated exacerbation of illness development of shingles is possible.

It is possible to catch a virus of chicken pox during fetus development, through mother’s placenta. Chicken pox is extremely dangerous to pregnant women as can provoke a congenital disease of chicken pox in the child, having caused early labors or death of the fetus.

Chicken pox is capable to cause complications such as sepsis, phlegmon and pyoderma. Seldom, but there are cases when in 7 days after first skin rashes appearance the meningitis encephalitis, myocarditis or a nephritis may develop. And let chicken pox is considered a light disease; serious medical observation during the disease should not be avoided.

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