Rashes At Chicken Pox

In the beginning rashes represent a plenty of light pink macules. The eruption appears everywhere, but begins always with the head and neck, and only then moves ahead below. Its transformation in blisters filled with transparent contents becomes the following stage of eruption maturing. Later on, in a short time blisters are opened, liquid flows out, and the place of break dries up, thus are formed dry, dark brown color crusts.

As soon as the first rashes have appeared the main inconvenience that excruciates the child is an incessant skin itch. It may be reduced if to use special antihistamine gels or allergy pills. At temperature increases never use Aspirin; it is contraindicative to all who have not reach twenty-year age as it may cause a dangerous disease – Rene’s syndrome.

Usually chicken pox passes in seven days. Since the beginning of symptoms manifestation and before peeling of crusts the child is recommended to stay at home on quarantine. It will allow not infecting other children at kindergarten or at school.

Having had chicken pox once, people gain a persistent immunity to it until the end of their life. Unfortunately there are also repeated infections but very seldom. The recurrent disease is presented by the eruption spreading on one half of the body and reaching the mouth. Such rashes are called shingles. It passes very excruciatingly, with high temperature and pains in the area of rashes.

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