Preventive Measures At Chicken Pox

Quarantine is registered as the first among preventive measures. Diseased person should be placed to the separate room, to assign him an individual utensil and hygiene means. Family members during taking care have to dress gauze mask obligatory. These measures are not absolute for protection against infection, but multifold reduce opportunity to be infected. It is necessary to remember that the transmissibility of the patient disappears with when crusts appear on the place of rashes.

Opportunely made vaccination is one more way not to catch virus. During vaccination culture of the weakened virus of chicken pox is injected and the organism forms lifelong immunity to the disease. However, such way of prophylaxis is denied by many doctors. Their opinion is based on that fact that in the absence of harmful habits, use enough vitamins, healthy nutrition and moderate exercise stresses it is possible to create excellent immunity which will protect from any viruses, i.e. the healthy lifestyle is the best prophylaxis from all illnesses.

Sometimes it happens that the diseases caused by an intestinal virus are perceived by pediatrician as manifestation of chicken pox as rashes and other symptoms of this infection have similar signs. To establish exactly what virus has infected the child the first what should be done is the test, the second – to estimate rashes. At an entero-viral infection the eruption is formed on the feet and palms, face and a neck don’t suffer. At chicken pox everything is on the contrary.

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