Chicken Pox And Its Presentations

After the short period with manifestation of “catarrhal” symptoms (tussis, rhinitis, catarrhal throat and conjunctivitis) pink rashes start arising on a body. It is easy to recognize at once the well-known and very widespread infection called chicken pox.

The eruption arising at chicken pox represents the small nodules with a diameter of 2-4 mm having uneven edges and extending on all body except for palms and foot. Later, in a short time, bubbles of transparent substance are formed on nodules. And in eight-twelve hours they are opened, the crust is formed on rashes and they gradually begin to heal.

Chicken pox is characterized by wavy eruption emergence therefore it is possible to observe on a body of the patient at the same time all stages from nodules to crusts. Rashes are followed by unpleasant itch, and children often scratch them. If not to prevent it, small scars may appear on the place of such rashes.

Illness duration is about three weeks. It comes to the end with absolute convalescence, with immunity retention to illness until the end of life.

Chicken pox has a high transmissibility. It is transmitted with air with sputum drops, and also by means of liquid from the opened bubbles; so a direct contact also leads to infection. As a result of such “transmissibility” chicken pox can immediately infect most of those who visit child-care facilities. Such situation is the reason to keep children in quarantine.

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