Chicken Pox At Pregnancy

State of varicella in pregnant women is the same as in any adult, and may also declare itself variously but anyway in more severe form than in children.

At the beginning illness is shown by a slight malady, some women may have insignificant temperature increase, and have a bit later appearance of skin rash. At the beginning the rash appearance it looks as pink maculae; then blisters with transparent contents and red skin round them start being formed. Together with rashes temperature considerably raises, it may reach 40°C; however it happens not always. In practice not serious forms of disease are met. But you should not rely on it because if the immunity is weakened the illness proceeds very hard. In pregnant women it is always weakened. Low immunity in pregnant women is caused by physiological perception by the pregnant woman organism of “foreign” cells of the developing fetus.

Rash occurs wavy, temperature jumps with every new emergence of the rush, such state can last about fourteen days. During this period the possibility of viral pneumonia is probable.

Blisters start drying up in two days; on their surface brown crusts are formed. They disappear by their selves approximately in a week. During convalescence woman is strongly weakened, sometimes to a shiver in extremities and staggering gait. However, the correct day regimen and nutrition will quickly correct everything.

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