Pharmacotherapy Of Chicken Pox

As chicken pox is a viral disease it is required to treat it with antiviral medicines. Such medicines are usually applied to treat adult patients and people with weakened immunity. To healthy children medicines against viruses at chicken pox are not prescribed.

One more medicine which is applied against chicken pox is immunoglobulin; its action is based on recognition and destruction of chicken pox virus and dangerous bacteria. The medicine is recommended for application by pregnant women and people having problems with immunity. The immunoglobulin is made from a blood of people who could already win against this disease. If to enter such medicine into the person within four days after the happened contact to the infected with chicken pox person it is possible not to fall ill or illness will pass in the lightest form. The effect of protection against immunoglobulin works for three months but it is necessary to inject it before the eruption has arisen.

At a high pain threshold, unpleasant feelings and increased temperature medicines, which allow normalizing the condition of the organism, are prescribed. Twenty year old patients and older may take aspirin, however till twenty years its use is undesirable as there is a high probability of development of Ray syndrome.

Besides, patients with chicken pox are recommended to apply antihistamine preparations which help to reduce feeling of skin itch or take it off absolutely. Before giving such an allergy medicine to children, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

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