Let Us Introduce Chicken Pox

Chicken pox is an acute viral infectious disease which is classified as child, as just children till ten year old generally have it.

Chicken pox gained popularity since ancient times. Avicenna managed to describe its symptoms. Illness got the popular name “chicken pox” because of its high opportunity to be transferred from person to person. It really can be considered “carried by a wind”. So, for example, the only child who got sick with chicken pox in child-care facility is capable to infect to ninety percent of all group.

Other name of chicken pox “varicella” is caused by that fact that dermal rashes arising on the patient something I remind smallpox, but of course more than anything with this horrible disease it doesn’t have the general.

The chicken pox the originator is a virus coming from family of herpes viruses. It has droplet spread during of tussis, sneezing and conversation. However, if the patient is not isolated virus can be transmitted in no percutaneous channel of infection through liquid from the liquid from broken blisters.

The virus is not able to live long in the environment and perishes within several minutes. Any opinion that chicken pox may “fly” into a window or be transferred through subjects of use is a myth. Just a sick person may be the infection source. Any animal contacting to him is not able to catch the infection. The main reason for high transmissibility of chicken pox is that the person starts carrying an infection prior to the beginning of rashes, i.e. during ripening of the virus when it is not possible to define the infection.

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