Chicken Pox Implications And Symptoms In Adults

Chicken pox in adults always reveals unexpectedly. Sometimes it begins acutely and abruptly, and sometimes feelings of a malaise arise in two days prior to emergence of rashes.

With the arising of the first rashes body temperature sharply increases to 40°C. The eruption looks bumpy, red color, rashes are followed by a strong headache, pain in all body and weakness. The bumpy eruption quickly turns into blisters with liquid substance which becomes darker after a while, and having been broken forms a crust.

In the first day rash appears everywhere, not passing the genitals, and proceeds about four days more in a wave mode. At that affected areas of the body start itching severely, depriving the opportunity even to have a good night’s sleep.

The adult patient has more rashes than in the child and they cover with a continuous layer all opened and closed surfaces of the body. Eruption spreading is followed by a strongly marked feverish state and if not to take measures it can hold on longer than one week.

Rashes arise not only on a body but also in oral and nasal cavities may appear a mucous surface around eyes. At blisters breaking there are very painful sensations. It is especially unpleasant on genitals. There even may be a burning sensation in the course of emiction. Also lymph nodes strongly react to the general intoxication in the adult patient especially those which are located behind ears and on the neck. They are capable to be enlarged to noticeable sizes, and also to be very painful.

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