How To Treat Chicken Pox?

Chicken pox usually is treated at home conditions but at the severe form of the disease at a hospital. It is not necessary to apply any special therapy for treatment of chicken pox. But the patient should be isolated from people around till the end of eruption manifestation.

During the treatment it is recommended ill to give the patient a large quantity of liquid to drink and to keep a diet. The nutritious ration has to consist of dairy and vegetable products, cooked on milk cereals and mashed vegetables and fruit. Fresh juice is taken being diluted with water in a proportion one to one. Salty, acute, acidic and smoked products should be excluded from ration.

At emergence of blisters they should be processed with manganic solution (2%) or brilliant green. If the eruption was formed on a mouth mucosa it is necessary to apply gargles with germicides, such as furacilin.

During illness the dermal itch may start disturbing patient. However, he should not scratch his skin as it is possible to bring an infection because the eruption heals much longer, and cicatrices on the skin may appear. It is better for child to put on gloves from cotton cloth. The itch especially aggravates when sweating therefore it isn’t recommended to warm patients strongly. Very heated rooms also promote itch intensifying. It is better for patient to give a wet towel wipe in order he put it to those places where it arises.

To reduce a feverish state the paracetamol containing preparations are given to the patients.  Aspirin is forbidden at chicken pox.

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