How To Take Care Of Child Ill With Chicken Pox

The first what should be done is to cut fingernails. Long nails can not only scratch the skin but also bring a dangerous bacterial infection which lives under fingernails of the kid. In case of baby it is possible to put on cotton mittens on his arms which won’t allow scratching the skin.

Besides, it is necessary to change clothes of the child every day. The clothes should be natural not synthetic. It is good to use old, very shabby clothes. The soft worn-out cloths are good for a sick skin. The bed linen should also be changed more often.

In the room where the patient is the temperature should not be higher than normal otherwise the child will sweat that will cause more intensive itch. The eruption needs to be covered constantly with brilliant green, fucorcinum or other, intended for this case liquid as they well dry it. If the intensity of itch doesn’t decrease it is necessary to apply to the doctor in order he prescribed medicine against allergy.

At chicken pox the plentiful drinking regimen is recommended. It is necessary to drink different liquids as much as possible: juice diluted ½ with water, broth of dog rose berries, fruit drink from cranberry and currant, various teas. Simultaneously it is necessary to take vitamin agents. Their continuous use will allow coping with chicken pox much quicker.

You should not hide children from chicken pox. Once again we will remind that it is better to have chicken pox in the childhood than at adult age.

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