Eruption And Itch As Main Chicken Pox Symptoms

Rashes on the body except feet and palms are the main symptoms of chicken pox. The eruption is presented everywhere: on the head under hair coat, face, neck, on all the body and extremities.

As soon as rashes appear, temperature starts rising. But there are cases when the organism does not react to the eruption in this way. Little children with the advent of rashes start become weak refusing to eat, sometimes absolutely. But such situation does not last long and arises not in everyone.

At the beginning of the eruption has a light pink appearance. Then it is transformed to blisters which are filled with transparent substance. The skin round blisters is painted in reddish color.

From the second day liquid in blisters becomes darker, and their surface starts becoming covered with crusts which disappear in one or three weeks. On the patient’s body at the same time can be seen blisters, macules, crusts. It occurs because rashes arise wavy and continuously within four-five days until the disease starts abating. It is noticed that emergence of new waves of the eruption coincides with symptoms aggravation in the infected person.

The most unpleasant symptom of chicken pox is an intolerable itch of the cutaneous covering affected with rashes. In spite of the fact that arms will last to be scratched – it is impossible to do it as such actions can lead to infection with pathogenic bacteria. In this case fine scars may remain on the skin until the end of life.

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