Dangers To Fetus At Chicken Pox At Pregnant Women

It is very bad to catch chicken pox during pregnancy for the developing fetus. However, chicken pox doesn’t carry so striking toxiferous action on the child as rubella virus. Besides now pregnancy even at healthy women is under a constant control which is carried out by ultrasonic devices. By means of such diagnostics it is possible to find serious changes of a fetus in time and opportunely interrupt pregnancy. However, in most cases such actions aren’t required as the fetus suffers from action of a virus of chicken pox extremely seldom.

If to fall ill with chicken pox in the first half of pregnancy there may be a fetus rejection and there will be a spontaneous abortion or some other abnormal development. However, at completely formed placenta complications of a fetus are almost not observed as at this time it has been already well protected.

The largest danger to the child arises only in case when there are five days to labors or to the kid is just two days old. It is physiologically arranged so that mother is capable to give antibodies to chicken pox only in five days and till this time the child remains completely not protected from the infection. Therefore, at the time of delivery catches immediately from sick mother. Newborns have a very severe form of chicken pox. The third part of their amount does not survive. Babies die of pneumonia, brain inflammation and other serious diseases of internals.

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