Complications At Chicken Pox

The person fells ill with chicken pox just once in life. Nevertheless, the virus can penetrate into an organism and hide, without giving any evidence and “to switch on” again just when the person already becomes an adult. Such manifestation may result with a dangerous eruption which is called shingles. Such varicella is able to leave marks like pockmarks in the skin.

Chicken pox is very dangerous to pregnant women. If the woman fells ill some days before the child’s birth, the child may receive a heavy form of the disease.

Hand in hand with chicken pox may go and actively develop serious bacterial infections, such as viral pneumonia and encephalitis (this disease is met extremely seldom at chicken pox). Anyway it is necessary to know symptoms of these illnesses: confused consciousness or its loss, high temperature, sharp pains shooting in hands and feet. At such symptoms urgent hospitalization is required.

After the chicken pox people most often keep immunity to this disease for the rest of life. However, there are exceptions and chicken pox may be back. Chicken pox it is absolutely light disease which almost isn’t burdened by complications, but nevertheless they are possible especially for weak children.

The most frequent complications are the false skin inflammations connected to scratching of a skin and entering of a bacterial infection. Very seldom there are otitis, encephalitis and pneumonia. External complications after chicken pox may be shown by onset of fine scars.

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