Clinical Course Of Chicken Pox

Chicken pox in the adult differs a little from the same disease in the child, therefore is treated with the same method. The difference between children and adults only in the severity of illness as chicken pox is sustained by adults too hard. Special danger is in the bacterial complications causing purulent infections of skin and inflammatory processes of a brain (encephalitis) which is able to kill the person.

In some countries because of fear to receive complications after the chicken pox doctors suggest vaccinating children against chicken pox. However, in Russia such vaccination is considered not obligatory and even harmful. It is considered that the rubella, parotitis and measles need to be had in childhood when the organism is capable to develop immunity against them for the rest of life.

As it is known the vaccine is not able to provide lifelong immunity. So, the infection may be manifested at adult age, having caused serious complications. That is almost impossible in the childhood. The vaccination will also not salvage from repeated infection and complication in the form of shingles.

Vaccination from chicken pox is welcomed when planning the birth of the child if the woman has never had chicken pox and has not received the immunity to it. In this case the vaccination will be quite justified. The gynecologist has to ascertain future mother had chicken pox in the childhood, and in case of the negative answer to send it for vaccination.

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