Chicken Pox And Children

Varicella which people nicknamed a chicken pox is a transmitting infectious disease. Large number of children faces with its manifestation during the spring and winter seasons. Usually children from two till ten years aged catch; and chicken pox affects a large number of the children at once who are in one place at the same time.

For the majority of children with chicken pox, it is most likely just a temporary inconvenience than a severe disease; however, very seldom chicken pox takes dangerous forms able to threaten even to the child’s life. Such symptoms as edema and erubescence near rashes and considerable increase of temperature which keeps for some days have to alert parents.

All “special” clinical presentations of the disease mandatory have to be discussed with the attending physician as they may be the signs dangerous complications such as encephalitis, pleuritis, etc. The special attention has to be paid to children with weak immunity. For them chicken pox is capable to cause dangerous complications which can result in disability of the child.

The child infected with chicken pox becomes an infection carrier every the next day after the first rash and remain such within five days before fading of the eruption. Incubation period duration from becoming infected till the first eruption manifestation may vary from ten days to three weeks. The virus transmitted is by air, with fine splashes of saliva from the sick child to healthy one.

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