How To Take Care Of Child Diseased With Chicken Pox

Child usually gets the infection from a friend at child-care institution that sneezed or coughed during game or school lessons. However, he may catch the infection being in one house with the patient with chicken pox. Most often it happens if the person is sick with shingles which is caused with same virus as chicken pox.

The beginning of chicken pox is similar to infection with a flu virus, i.e. all symptoms correspond to this disease: temperature increase, head ache, vomiting, weakness, flaccidity and loss of appetite. Later on, in two days a typical symptom of chicken pox appears – skin eruption.

At the first emergence it is usual pink macules which some hours later turn into blisters. first of all they appear on the head, face and neck, and then on arms and all the body and feet. It happens that eruption arises in such quantity that blisters grow one upon the other, and happens there are very little rashes. Rashes which appear in a mouth, throat, and on genitals are very unpleasant and painful.

If chicken pox visited your child, you surely should show the child to the treating doctor as only he is capable to confirm the diagnosis “chicken pox”. You shouldn’t apply a self-treatment, as there are also more severe diseases with symptoms similar to chicken pox. Besides, the virus of chicken pox is able to cause severe complications that may provoke disability of the child.

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