How To Treat Chicken Pox In Child

Let’s specify: chicken pox is a virus and therefore antibiotics are useless against it! Chicken pox will pass itself, however it is necessary to help to facilitate its course. For this purpose agents that will help to do it will be required.

If the baby’s age is more than three months it is allowed to give a child dose of Paracetamol if necessary in case of temperature increase and muscular pains. Also, in order to support normal water balance of the organism it is necessary to give the baby plentiful drink, it may be an additional breastfeeding. If the child has an artificial feeding or eats other, not milk nutrition, it should be given a little quantity of water.

The appeared eruption is smeared carefully with brilliant green or antiallergenic gel to remove itch symptoms. Also, the kid may take baths with addition of baking soda if the itch prevents to sleep at night at the age from one year old and the doctor may give the permission to take antihistamine preparations. Additional property of antihistamines is in their sedative effect, so, the child may have a good night’s sleep.

If the child actively scratches the skin it is necessary to cut fingernails immediately as it may lead to emergence of abscesses on the skin. It is necessary to dress the child only in old shabby free clothes from cotton. Thanks to it the child won’t overheat, and the skin will be less injured.

It is impossible to catch from the sick child in that case if you already had chicken pox. If you have not had chicken pox and were not vaccinated it is better to do vaccination or to be eliminated from taking care of the kid, however, not everyone will agree.

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