Chicken Pox: What Is It?

Varicella or bluntly speaking chicken pox is the infectious disease relating to children’s illnesses as usually just children to ten-year age fell ill with it.

Chicken pox is known from antiquity. But in the middle ages its symptoms were described by Avicenna. The infection most often is called today a chicken pox because of its extreme transmissibility. in the truest sense of the word it is transmitted by a wind. If in the group of children one child is ill 90% contacting will obligatory catch. The name smallpox is used because appearance of skin rash at this disease is very similar to pockmarks, but to our pleasure for the rest these two diseases are not similar.

The originator of chicken pox is the virus which is related to herpes virus. Chicken pox, as well as many infectious viruses, is transmitted in known to everybody way – just by air, (tussis, sneezing and conversation). The virus has no other ways of transmitting as it is very not steady against implications of environment and perishes in it in some minutes.

Told above shows that the virus of chicken pox won’t be able to fly to you through the window or be transmitted through use subjects. So, you shouldn’t be afraid the infection without direct contact.

Chicken pox source as well as measles virus may by only a sick person. High transmissibility of chicken pox is caused by that fact that diseased person becomes the carrier and distributor of viruses before dermal eruption appeared, i.e. during the incubation period. Chicken pox is had once in life, but it is better to have it in the childhood as it is easier sustained at this age.